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CASA eucaliptO

private residence 2019

Eucalyptus trees give this private residence its name. The project is comprised by a set of two volumes, one on the ground level and the other on the top second floor. The first floor corresponds to a rectangular mirroring the proportions of the property, it’s situated in a strategic position to exploit the immediate surrounding landscape. The second floor is rotated for optimal climate performance and views, it faces the city of Cartago from the distance and its southern range of mountains.

Type: Private Residence

Gross Built Area: 400m2 (4.305sqf.)

Project location: Cartago

Lead Architect: Alexandra Solano Leiva

Structural Engineering: Mario Muñoz Fuentes

M.E.P Engineering: Benjamín Ureña Ferrero

Photo credits: Vilma Magelinskaite

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