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"Good architecture is like a good therapy session, a good marriage, a good poem – gently and almost invisibly allowing you to be you, as flawed and as beautiful as you are."

–Robert Sullivan 

Modern Architecture

Our Belief

Good design has the power to improve people’s lives. We believe in producing great architecture with a high-precision approach that feeds your soul.

One-stop shop for all your needs

Our architectural firm provides all services that you could need in order to have your dream home in Costa Rica. 

We are a multidisciplinary team capable of handling all of the design & build stages of your dream home project. This approach simplifies the whole process and enables a single point of contact for the client. Our broad interdisciplinary team includes highly qualified individuals from different fields to attend all the stages and trades of any residential project.





Our Approach

Our highly traceable and precise methodology ensures that uniquely crafted residential projects are predictable in terms of scope, quality, time, and budget. 
Our precise software tools and a robust methodology ensure we can execute each project with the required precision. From the latest BIM software to our on-site quality control everything is done with a high-precision approach.

Concrete Wall


BIMx Technology 

We use BIMx technology to communicate with our clients and colleagues. Track the design process easily.  

Concrete Wall

AS if we were in the same room

ASANA, Dropbox tools

ASANA, Dropbox

Distance is not a barrier to work together. We offer 

Concrete Wall


We create in-house highly detailed 3D models that accurately depict the actual route of the pipes inside a building. 

Weather simulations and

Detailed 3D modeling. 

Simulations that ensure accuracy.

We perform wind simulations to ensure a sustainable approach when designing with passive climate control strategies.

Let the design surprise you, not the budget.

Beautiful can be traceable and predictable. Over the years we have polished our methodology to close the gap between the design and the construction. By implementing traceable and precise processes we have been able to predict the outcome of the project. Traceability also improves our communication with the client as it enables transparency and accountability. A great example is how every design review with the client is accompanied by a matching budget estimate review that reflects the latest design changes.

Modern Architecture

MEET the team

Our broad interdisciplinary team includes highly qualified individuals from different fields to attend all the stages and trades of any residential project.

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Diego Méndez-Arce Architect, Founder. ​ With over 10 years of experience, Diego is the founding architect of Arkamos and is extremely passionate and perfectionist by nature. He lived in the U.S. and Europe where he studied and interacted with other cultures and became more aware of his human condition. Diego displays skill in translating abstract ideas to concrete design concepts. He also takes great interest in aesthetics theory. His interests in information technologies and computational design in architecture have fostered an innovative technological approach to the automatization and optimization of his company. In his free time, Diego enjoys cooking and swimming.

Nelson García Sevilla, Junior Architect at Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Nelson García Sevilla Junior Architect ​ Nelson has brought to the company an assertive and calm character that is always In-tune with the nature. His serene approach to problem-solving is one of his best attributes, he can easily direct and cordinate on-site construction crews and manufacturers. He is a well-disciplined architect focused on the requirements of the user and its immediate natural context. He’s keen on establishing balance between nature and humans through architectural design. Originally from Nicaragua, he fleed the country due to the political situation and ended at our company. He is also trained as a life guard and has a genuine concern for the well-being of the people around him.

Vilma Magelinskaite, team member at Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Vilma Magelinskaite Finance & Management ​ Vilma is originally trained as a contemporary glass artist in The Academy of Fine Arts of Vilnius, Lithuania, she left Europe about 10 years ago and ended up in Costa Rica where she permanently resides now. She is in charge of all our financial affairs. Due to her exquisite taste for interiors and design, she collaborates on a daily basis on our design review meetings. Vilma also collaborates on strategical marketing, web design and graphic design. As a European she brings in a refined Scandinavian-like taste and organizational practices that fit perfectly in our company culture. Vilma enjoys gardening and working with glass on her workshop.

Bryan Jiménez Montoya, Topo Survey strategical partner of Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Bryan Jiménez Montoya Topographic Surveyor ​ Bryan is one of the founders of BABV, an energetic and young multidisciplinary firm that has a topographical, architectural and even graphic design background. His diverse approach makes him a great professional as he surveys every site with a broader perspective. His architectural background allows him to see the site with a keen designer's eye, this is a highly valuable skill that allows the rest of te team to rely on his work, accuracy and precision. He uses some of the the latest topo survey equipment and drone imaging technology to achieve precise results. Bryan is always in touch with Costa Rica's beautiful landscape, he enjoys working outdoors and occasionally relaxes making hand illustrations.

José Luis Campos Andrade, Structural Engineer, strategical partner of Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Jose Luis Campos Andrade Structural Engineer ​ With more than 13 years of experience designing and inspecting in the field of structural design, Andrade is a meticulous and budget conscious Civil Engineer with a master's degree in Structural and Seismic Engineering from The University of Costa Rica. He holds multiple courses and seminars on professional development in the fields of pre-tensed and post-tensed reinforced concrete, post-tension slab design, steel structural design, CMU structural design, wood structural design, seismic bridge design, the reinforcement of existing structures and seismic structural isolation, among others.

Benjamín Ureña Ferrero, Mechanical Engineer, strategical partner of Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Benjamín Ureña Ferrero Electrical-Mechanical-Plumbing Engineer ​ With more than 15 years of experience Benjamín is the Founding partner of CyCESA Electromecánica. Benjamín is a meticulous MEP engineer with vast experience in electromechanical design for residencial, industrial and comercial projects as well as large power generation projects. He also has plenty of experience in all sorts of plumbing systems, as well as fire suppression systems, alarm systems, LP gas systems, access control systems, CCTV and CATV among many others. Benjamín enjoys watching movies in his free time.

Castro y De La Torre, Soil Survey strategical partner of Arkamos Architecture Costa Rica

Eugenio Araya Civil Engineer - Soil Surveyor ​ Eugenio has Master's in Geotechnical Engineering and  he is in charge of Castro y DeLaTorre's engineering department. In 1994 he started off as a Laboratory technician and then as a field technician, in 1999 he became head of the laboratory. In 2002 he started his studies in engineering and also became an assistant in the engineering department, he would later on become the head of this department, he has completed many complementary studies in his field of expertise. Since then he has become a key piece in the organization. ​ ​

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