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private residence 2016

This is a vernacular-shaped cottage made of wood, steel and concrete. The project is carefully placed on a steep mountain-slope in the middle of the rainforest jungle, located in El Empalme at 2230m a.s.l. The house is made up of an interplay of volumes that establishes a dialog with its natural context at different heights. It sits on top of pillars making its way in between the forest canopy. The goal of the design is to have a seamless coexistence of the residence with the wildlife and its environment

Type: Private Residence

Gross Built Area: 152m2 (1.636sqf.)

Project location: Cartago

Lead Architects: Diego Méndez Arce, Alexandra Solano Leiva

Structural Engineering: Pablo Tames

M.E.P Engineering: David Solano

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