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SJIC Restaurant

Hospitality 2016

Encompassed with the perception that the club members have of the Grill Area as the “Heart” of the San José Indoor Club, a global, systematic and space-collective architectural solution is presented. This proposal aims to be a triggering agent for the club’s spatial organization as well as human interactions. A strategic proposal for restructuring and managing space was made from a general diagnosis of the club. This approach determines the underlying problems and the future solutions within a multidisciplinary framework of architecture, construction and gastronomy.

Project location: San José

Gross Built Area: 4000m2 (43.055sqf.)

Design Team: Diego Méndez Arce, Alexandra Solano Leiva, Manuel Balmaceda

In partnership with:

Quirós Rossi Architects, Architecture.

Roberth Guillén, Chef.

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