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"We Believe that good design has the power to improve people’s lives." - Diego Méndez Arce, Founder.

Reinforcing Steel

1. Construction

On most projects we will take over the construction of the whole project should it meet specific criteria regarding design and technical specifications. As a design and build firm this will allow us to have further control of the project scope, quality, time and budget. In some cases where the project is not best suited for our firm the project will be offered to an external builder through a bidding process. If the project is to be built by a 3rd party some of the following services below will be necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Construction Manager

2. Construction Management

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Construction Workers

3. Technical Direction

The service of technical direction is always assumed by the builder and only by the builder. This implies that legally the builder is liable for taking over this responsibility. The technical direction is assumed by a company or a profesional who will have total control over the chain of command of the construction crews, subcontractors and anyone performing work on the job site.

Construction Workers

4. Inspection

This service is contracted by the client to inspect the builder. 

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