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VITRo-bOx Apartments

Apartment building 2015

Vitro-Box is the result of making use of stained glass to provide with lighting a building of six apartments in the center of the capital. Far from focusing in the visual permeation to the outside, the fundamental intention is to let the light in. Implosively, the project is formed by two elements in front of each other as a mirror effect, to both sides of an upright circulation core. This center space makes possible the connection with a parking area on the first floor. The inner spaces are stained by the glasses located in exterior facades as well as the center courtyard. The architectonic program is malleable according to the users of the building, since there are three different typologies to adapt in the same spaces without disturbing the general design of the building. This way, the versatility in the configuration allows the owner to hold on to the current market studies. 

Project location: Catedral, San José

Gross Built Area: 812m2 (8.740sqf.)

Lead Architect: Diego Méndez Arce

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